Demons 7th Gun Cam Footage Page

Our Gun cam footage, training footage and any captured gun cam footage will be released on this page for public viewing.

It is authorized and has passed through the top brass, G-2 and any technical training units that may have scoured it for any vital data. Some footage may have been censured to avoid displaying unit markings...

TO VIEW FOOTAGE: Click on the footage to download and view it. It can be viewed via Windows Media Player. Those of you with 56K be patient, it is possible to view these cam views, it takes a few minutes to download to your media player

If for some reason you get an error regarding "Codecs", go to the Windows Media Player "Toolbar" and select "Options", then enable "Automatic Codec Download on the "Player" tab.


 P-39 vs A6M2 color footage: By Demons7th_Ice/Light (labels added) 

 P-38 attacks a flight of ME-109s (B&W footage)  By: Demons7th_Mike 

 P-40s slam a group of JU-87 bombers (B&W cam) by:Demons7th_Mike 




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