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CLICK on WILD WAYNE's photo Above for his special VIDEO RECRUITMENT ANNOUNCEMENT      

The Demons 7th is accepting new pilots with mandatory basic flight skills in hand and Aggressive combat and able Navigational skills.

Demons7th also has flight and combat training available to those that join the squadron and are committed to it's expansion. 

 ALL Demons pilots are to show abilities in P-40s and P-38s of PF.


Have no fear soldier! You'll either make it or you'll end up washing out and being a foot soldier in this man's Army!!

Think you have what it takes to be a Demon?

Squadron Requirements:

* You will be required to be at least 14 years old and an experienced m/f pilot to qualify for pilot officcr status.

*Demon cadet status to pilots 14 years and up to 16. Must have good manors and be able to demonstrate maturity and willingness to be part of a team.

* The Demons will require you to demonstrate your abilities in the aircraft listed above.

* The Demons commonly fly team games. You must be able to play as a team member and follow orders of your Wing and flight leaders.

* Be available for training,squad matches +  team games.

While wearing the Demon7th name you are to forward a positive image of the ScreaminDemons7th at all times.

* Attend meetings as needed or deemed neccessary by CO or XO.

* Membership to ScreaminDemons7th includes membership to SD7th Yahoo groups page for sharing photos and squad downloads etc.

*All pilots not seen for 30 days will be held on reserve status.

*Members of the SD7th encouraged to take on junior members as wingmen. Or locate their own wingman.

 Drop us a Line if you think you qualify or want to try out 

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