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 For semi-historic and Historic Reasons we commonly use/fly the P-40 and P-38 per the WWII USAAC Squadron and prefer Pacific maps while playing Pacific Fighters


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You Will find the Demons 7th members always having fun in Hyper Lobby hosted games. We do: team games, bomb runs, intercept / escort missions. We also do "Microsoft Flight Simulator" (FS9) flights doing "island hopping" for navigational training flights. We are enthusiasts that prefer to keep things simple and also historic.


Here's some games/links we've flown in the past or do fly from time to time in addition to IL2/Pacific Fighters, 1946.

An add-on for CFS-3 that is coming out soon that looks very promising!

 Listen to the "Good Bye Mama" song / wav file  CLICK HERE 

For Good reading on the 49th Fighter Group, P-40s and P-38s.. There are several good books/publications out there

Some useful Pages for you below on the photos

P-38 training films

P-40 Training films

Funnies of WWII

Gunnery Tips

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